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Copying a drawing & Assembly & maintaining the links


New member
I'm trying to copy an existing assembly and it's drawing so that I can use it as the base for a new assembly. Is there a way to do this within Intralink 3.0? The only way I've come up with is to export or backup to an external directory, launch a stand-alone session of ProE, rename the assembly and drawing and then open them in a ProE session linked to a workspace.

There has to be a better way.
I don't use ProIntralink, but...

If you put set the rename_copies_with_object option in you to both, then anytime you backup the assembly or Save as a different name, the associated drawing will automatically go with it.

e.g. You have 1234.asm and 1234.drw. Save the assembly as 12345.asm and you will automatically have 12345.drw (the drawing will be identical to the original, only with a different name!)

Hope this helps
In Intralink - pick the drawing & assy & use Duplicate Objects (from object menu or right-click).

This allows you to create copies of the items, and rename whatever you like:

eg: You could rename the drawing & top level assembly, but use the same components. Or you could rename the drawing & assy & some (or all) of the components, creating duplicate parts too.

Check in the help files under Duplicate Objects
Thanks proed.

After writing the topic I searched the help index and finally found duplicate objects. Why can't PTC use industry standard terms like Save As?

Thanks again.


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