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Copy Drawing with Assembley..


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if I have an assembley, with associated drawings, and want to create a copy of the assembley while changing names/part numbers, it it possible to create a copy of the drawings as well at the same time?




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Yes, easiest way is to do it in intralink.
Mark your assy and choose "duplicate objects". You will then be able to either reuse or duplicate all dependencies.

If running without intralink, choose "save a copy" in proe (on the part/assy).
The config option "save drawing with object" set to "both" will save it all.
You must have both drw and assy in session.

Of course its "rename_drawings_with_object both", thanks Puppet

If running proel inked to a workspace, last optionwont work.
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put this into ur config.pro

rename_drawings_with_object both

and make sure that both ur .prt and .asm have the same name as the .drw file

bob.prt and bob.drw

sally.asm and sally.drw

now when every u save a copy of bob.prt, a copy of bob.drw will accompany it.


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If the copy of assembly, created using 'SAVE AS' and its drawing are in the same folder, renaming a part assembled within the copied-assembly would create regeneration problems while opening the original asm or drw, becuz the part name has
been changed and the old part name does not exist. It is better to save a copy of the part(part_copy.prt), and 'replace' the renamed part in the new copied-assembly while the 'copied assembly'and the copied drawing files are in session. Then save all files. By this we have original files and copied files in same folder and opening *.asm and *.drw with the re-named copies of files does not give errors.

orignal_part.prt, orignal_part.drw
orignal_assy.asm, orignal_assy.drw

and the copied files
copy_part.prt, copy_part.drw
copy_assy.asm, copy_assy.drw
in same folder.

Regards sds
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when u "save as" from a assembly it gives u the option to "reuse" or "new name"

just type in the new name for each of the files. it will work with the.
u can even automate the process if u just want to add afew leltters to
the end of the name

just play with some of the options

"rename_drawings_with_object both"

in ur config.pro.


New member
that worked a charm! saved me a lot of time!

is there any way to quickly retrieve all drawings eiter in a folder or associated with an assembley into session quickly? or what is the best way of doing this?


in ur assembly drawing file u can add drawing sheets.

ie, what i like to do is

->create a small assembly

->create individual drawing files for each part

->add the individual drawings to the assembly drawing

->insert-> shared data -> pick the part drawing files individually

its also good to have the 1st page of the assembly include a bom table, balloons and have it include page numbers.

that way u can simply load up the assembly drawing. and then cycle
through the drawings easily. (also helps for printing as u only load
one file and print everything off)

also in the drawing model tree u can just click on the model tree to quicky load up the part or assembly.

u can even do this with assemblies and sub assemblies. comes in handy
if u are making something with lots of parts and subassemblies

(there is also a multiput file open thread running for wf2. do a search)


New member

I saw where you mentioned have page numbers show up, what do you mean, have you ever added them to parameters, or in the BOM itself.

Please explain how you have used page number if you don't mind.

Thx Dan


put this into ur format, in a small table

there is a list of parameters u can use to create ur own custom format. do a a search in ur wf help files

&current_sheet \ &total_sheets


New member
hi i have studied the all discussion .This is what i was looking for..But my Question is if ineed to automate the same process in Vb.net How to go about it..


thanks in advance