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copy assy cut from assy to part

Bob Smith

New member
I have 5 countersink cuts for cap screw heads in my box/coverassy that I want to copy to thecover part. The cuts were referenced to the centerlines of the threaded holes in the box part and created on the fly datum planes in the assy. Any clue? I've tried copy feature, diff model and get stuck at the ref pix. needed for the part I'm copying to.


Bob's friend Cindy


New member
If the datum planes were created on the fly in assembly, you'll still need datum planes to reference to when copying. You can create them on the fly when prompted to pick them, by clicking the datum plane create icon (normally located on the right side toolbar), however the datum will show as a feature in the model tree (unlike on truly created "on the fly"), but this should give you the references needed. If it's just a countersink, why not use the chamfer tool? And if the features are hole features, you can add a countersink on the hole by checking off the countersink box in the hole dialog box. Hope this helps