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Coping sheets with views ???


New member
Is it possible to copy the whole sheet (with all of its views)? For instance: I have some views located on the sheet no.1 and I want to copy them on the sheet no.2 and thus avoid creating the same views again. It can be very useful when you want to make the same drawing of a family parts and to keep all of them in the same .drw file.


New member
The only way I know that might work is to save as a copy of the current drawing. Then, open the newly saved drawing, delete all sheets except the one you want to copy views with all notes and details.

Then, open the original drawing.

Merge the two drawings.

Edit>shared data>browse>select file>done

You should now have the original drawing with the added sheet to the end of the drawing sheet numbers.

Good Luck



New member
Oh, sorry.

I forgot. You should place all files in the same directory beforehand so that the drawing will find the models.


New member

Assuming you're using Wildfire, you should select all the views by holding down the CTRL key and picking each one so the outline of each view is displayed (the red dashed lines). Then, under the Edit menu select 'copy to other sheet' (I think, I'm not at work right now). A dialog will open asking for the target sheet; enter the number and the view and all dims are copied to that sheet. Just learned that one today as I tried to replace a template and couldn't find the old 2001 'Copy from Other Drawing' command.



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