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coordinate system


New member
I need to create a coordinate system on the vertex(call A) of a 3D curve(call B). The coordinate system's z axis should be along the tangent to B at A. The coordinate system's x axis should be perpendicular to the tangent of B at A. How this can be made.


New member
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a brief explanation is given below

pnt0 is the point at the end of thecurve. i have created a datum pland(dtm1) at this point and normal to the curve. i have created an axis at this point and tangent to the curve. the axis direction is my z axis of the new coord sys i want to create. the other 2 axis of the coord also i need.


New member
try to di this:

now you have dtm1 and one axis (say A1), right?

then create a plane (DTM2) through your axes and through any point you can select (i.e the end of the curve, called point C). so, DTM 2 is perpendicular to your plane, and tangent to the z-axis.

Finally create DTM3, perpendicular to DTM1 and DTM2, through the point A.

then create your CSYS using these 3 planes.