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Converting a 2-d spilne to lines and arcs


New member
without having to create a sketch over the splne.

Just looking for a converter (export) in either Pro or Solidworks that could do this.

Does anyone know of any freeware that could do this




New member
Look at dxf export.

On second thought (well, maybe just "thought"
) that's probably not going to get you any arc segments.

Rhino or Acad? If there's a Pro/E function I'm not aware of it (maybe some obsure IGES export option?)
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If you have AutoCAD....and are willing to pay a little...
Very powerful tool. Runs as an AutoLISP 3rd party add-on routine inside AutoCAD full version, (which btw won'trun in AutoCADLT because there is no 3rd party support in LT). You will probably need to do some exporting/ importing around,but this software should work for youif you are patient with it. If you'd like you may post a file (.dxf or .dwg) witha spline and I'll send you back arcs. I am up for the challenge!


New member
Having never gone about, I did a little poking around in Rhino to see what might be available. I think the command you'll want to look at is CONVERT.


New member
I don't think this is what you want, but if you create a drawing
of the sketch you can export it as a .dxf and tell it to export splines
as polylines. If you then import it into Pro/E it comes in as a load of
short lines.