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conversion of PROE files (.prt) into a IGES format

For transfering to Alias or any other rendering package - use the Photorender iges option for output. The surfaces go pretty much clean without loss or gaps.

For any other solid modeller - I would also like to know more on this.
hi all,

thanks for the replies. Let me tell you in detail about the application. I want to use the geometries created in PROE for Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis. I am using the CFD package CFX. In CFX you can import the geometries in form of IGES files. That's why i need to transfer PROE files to IGES files without loss or gaps. kthadani will you please elaborate a little bit on the photorender option.



The photorender iges option is available as one of the formats you can save the pro/e data in, or export. I have noticed that this option gives out surfaces with tight tolerances and there are no gaps. You can try this for CFX. I have personally never taken this type for analysis. Probably you can try and post your feedback.

- Kamal
In documentation for Studio Tools you have iges configuration for importing from ProEngineer. Without any iges config I did not get better results (between all others I was try with Photorender export)
yesterday i was able to import the PROE model in my CFD package. what i found is that while saving the PROE file in igs format (in PROENGINEERING itself) you have to specify proper options ( while saving the file it will ask you which entities of the model you want to be includede in the igs file)

another important thing is that you have to take care of the units i.e. the units of the PROE model should be the same as that of the package in which you want to import the igs file.

I tried with very simple geomtry of pipe. I hope this will work with complicated geometries.


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