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Conversion from ProE to Catia


New member
Could anyone out there please tell me how to convert a ProE part into a Catia part? If after conversion, are the features remained, and could I still edit on that model in Catia?

Thanks in advance.



If the ProE part is solid, take a STEP output and import it into Catia. If it has surfaces, IGES output would give a better result. If you do this type of translation, you get only a dumb solid in Catia. This means that you cannot edit the model in Catia as there would not be any features. For more information on translators I would suggest you visit the website


You can use the (*.ct) export option

Here's some information I dug up from PTC's website:

About Exporting to CATIA

Pro/ENGINEER supports the following types of CATIA export files:


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