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Controlling # of frames in animations

Nose Bleed

New member
I've got a simple animation that has 30 different captured shots of a non mechanised assembly split up through 120 seconds. After the animation was compiled into mpeg form, I noticed that it came out 1200 frames.

Is there a way I can keep the number of perspectives, and decrease the number of frames, without sacrificing speed of the animation.

I found that I could cut the number of frames by shortening the time between each perspective, but the animation becomes too fast when played back in mpeg format...



New member
What method did you use for compiling the animation?

We capture and process animation frames in 'camtasia' which also allows sound to be added.

Nose Bleed

New member
I figured it out - it's in the utilities>time domain> options menu

You can specify how many frames you want - saves on disk space!!!

I can add sound to mine too :) It's called windows movie maker :)


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