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Contingency Based Patent Monetization

Mel Barnes

New member
Cronos IP Solutions provides one service - monetizing
patents. Our expertise in this area helps us achieve our
mission - to generate significant revenue for clients
from their patents. We offer our services only on a
contingency basis. This means our fees are tied directly
to the revenue received by our clients, which also
ensures our interests are aligned with those of our

Identifying which patents are being infringed by the
world of products is an enormous task. Consequently,
many patent owners do not have the resources, experienced
personnel, or systems in place to implement such a
program. As a result, tens of millions of dollars (or
more) in licensing fees (or damages) go un-collected. The
solution is our contingent patent enforcement service,
which requires no up front fees.

We are not a law firm. Instead, we will hire as many law
firms as needed and in the jurisdictions needed to
enforce your patents. We will also make sure that the
necessary funding is available to enforce your patents.

To be considered for our contingency patent enforcement
service, you must own one or more issued patents.

Please understand that we are regularly contacted by
persons who have no patents. Consequently, please
include the patent number of at least one of your U.S.
patents when contacting us. If none is included, we will
not respond to your inquiry.

A U.S. patent number is seven digits and begins with 5,
6, 7, or 8 such as 8,123,564. A patent application (have
a number such as 2012/1234567 or 13/135,235) is not
enough because a patent application is not enforceable
until it issues as a patent.

We do not offer patent prosecution services (helping
clients get patents) or patent commercialization services
(persuading companies to use a patented technology in
order to generate royalties).

Contact Information:
Cronos IP Solutions LLC
2436 Tour Edition Drive
Henderson, NV 89074, US
Phone: 202-558-5355
Fax: 202-318-7456
Website: IP


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