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Construction Geometry in Drawing Module


New member
I would like to show construction geometry in Drawing Views

How this will happen in Pro-E 2001 or in wildfire


There are options in the fly-out menus for drawing construction components in Wildfire 2.0, but I don't know about other versions.


New member
<tt>I would like to show construction geometry in Drawing
FOR EXAMPLE:::::if i draw constrction circle in
Sketcher Mode in a Solid Plate to control the Position
of the Cut from Centre.If i change the value of
constrction circle the position of Cut will
automatically change.
This all happen in Sketcher Mode but when we generate
drawing of this Part.In views we get only Solid Plate
with CUT on the surface ,here i am unable to show to
that Construction Circle in Drawing Views.
How this will happen.

Other thing for which I am not clear to show in
drawing views is the DATUM CURVE Tool.If we use this
tool instead of Construction Circle.This comes on in
form of Firm Circle instead of dotted circle
How this will be converted automatically into dotted


New member
You can't show sketcherconstruction geometry in the drawings. Instead use cosmetic features and/or datum curves. To change the line style in drawing mode(in 2001) go to Format->Line Style. You can do the same thing in part/assy. mode from the Modify menu.


New member
I believe your problem is in TWO parts.
1. Viewing the construction in the drawing
2. Automatically change the linestyle of Datum Curve to Dotted in the Drawing View.
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  1. <LI =Msonormal style="MARGIN: 0mm 0mm 0pt; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list 36.0pt">As I understand, the construction geometry is in sketcher mode. This will not be visible in the drawing. However if you want a circle to be visible in the drawing, First draw a Sketched Datum curve and position the cut with respect to the Datum curve.</LI>
<H1 style="MARGIN: 0mm 0mm 0pt 18pt">Alternatively</H1>
Draw a circle in the drawing view by snapping to the entities.

If your cut is on a PCD and if you have patterned the cut, typically the bolt holes on a flange, then CLICK FILE--