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New member
Hi all , Im pretty new to CATIA, having used it only once. I need to learn the programme for my Uni course and am having trouble with constraints, especially coincided constraints.

When I select two lines, and then coincide, the sketch either goes crazy or goes purple. Is there any information availiable about using constraints properly?

Many thanks.
you have mentiioned that connecting the two lines. while you display the line with x,y or z co-ordinate it will become a iso-constraint. i mean you should notify where the diagram from co-ordinates.

another method is: select the line and go to dimension icon. and then right click on you line. it will show the options are length, dimension, horizontal, vrtical and coincidence. select the coincidence option and get iso-constraint diagram. now your line will display in the color of green..

reply me is this correct..


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