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constraints, to use or not to use


New member
Hi, this question concerns the use of constraints in assembly mode. I'm looking for a command to remove all constraints from 1, more or all parts in the assembly after i have assembled all components.

Also i like to know if i can overrule the rules of pro-e when i want to delete 1 component which isconstrained/linked to other components. This means that only that part will be deleted without getting a pop up screen showing that some other linked parts will also be deleted.

i'm using pro-e 2001



You have to have some constraints unless you want everything to just be packaged. A lot of people use a global coordinate system so that there are no constraints between parts. Any part can be deleted/replaced without affecting other parts. I hate that approach because it also means that as your parts change size you will get interference or gaps between parts and you will have to manually reposition all the parts and run interference checks.

I think it is better to get familiar with horizontal & top down modeling techniques to minimize unwanted dependancies. Also learn how to use the redefine commands so you don't just loose parts.


New member
Redefine your components and remove the constraints. The components will now be packaged. If your components are packaged, you can then delete components without losing other components because there is no relationship between components. At first, I wondered why in the world you want to do this, but can now see its usefulness.