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Constraining assemblies


New member
I have an assembly structure of 3 horizontal threaded rods running through a thin plate. The rods are fully constrained at both ends and I'm trying to connect the plate and rods my means of perimeter welds. Is this permissable or should I be trying this a different way (spot weld)?
Another point: If the rod and the hole dia for the rods are equal, is this enough to constrain the plate? A quick check is killed with a fatal error, but investigating the elements doesn't show any problem...could this be due to insufficient constraints?
Perimeter welds only work for midsurface compressed components. In your situation if the diameter of the holes in your plate are the same as the diameter of the rods, Pro/MECHANICA should see them as rigidly attached to each other. Pro/MECHANICA shoul treat surfaces that are coincident as rigidly attached. So make sure the diameter of the holes and the diameter of the shaft are the same and the model is assembled such that their cylindrical surfaces are coincident.


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