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constrain a point to one side of a line


New member
i am thoroughly misusing proe here, so i have two questions. basically, i have a fairly complicated 2d section sketch which i did in proe because it's all i've used and i needed the constraints. it would not make any sense to extrude this, and this is why i say i am misusing proe. what other progams offer the same technique of constraints and relations but are designed for 2d sketching and measuring? second, proe is working reasonably well considering, except that it will randomly flip triangles around. i understand that the constraints are still met, but is there some way to constrain one of the points to stay on a particular side of some line? thanks for any pointers here.

What you're describing is a little hard to understand without seeing a picture. A couple suggestions:

1. Use construction geometry in the sketch. You can Toggle Construction of a sketched entity via right mouse button functionality. That can help.

2. Is it possible to create your sketch as a series of sketched datum curves in a part? Sometimes when creating skeletons this unwanted flipping can happen, e.g., when creating a four bar linkage. The recommended technique is, instead of creating one datum curve with 4 sketched entites, create 4 datum curves. This might work in your situation.

David Martin

Torgon Industries