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Connection problems when animating a spring


New member
I am attempting to animate a mechanism that contains several springs. I have read through the forum and figured out how to create the spring as a felxible part. My problem is when i switch to the animation module, the connection is invalid and i receive that infamous error: highlighted connections are not defined from two bodies. As soon as I delete the spring from the assembly, the connection works.

The way i have defined my connections are:

1) Fix the main body.

2) Create a cylinder connection between the ground body and the part i wish to move along the axis of the hole.

3) Add the spring and make flexible between the two bodies above.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Active member
virtual spring connections ar available inside mechanism but you need to have MDO license, and you give the spring your desired properties.

Flexible never means you make spring and press and relax it. Make flexible in Wildfire 2.0 means that if you have two identical parts assembled e.g. rod.prt, and you need one of them to be longer then you can make one flexible to change its dimensions without changing its name or reassembling it.



New member
Some good new for you guys. All of this can be done very easily in WF3. the preproduction will be out soon.


New member

Sorry, but i can't say more. Not officially released. send me a private message with email address and ill send you a snapshot plus some detail.



New member
So while I'm waiting for my company to shell out the cash to buy WF3, how in the name of BOB am I supposed to animate a spring?