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Connection definition not complete


New member

I'm using WF2 M030, I am trying to assemble a connection, it is a belt clip, the clip rotates around an axle. I have set up these connections before in WF1, I have "inserted" the axle and the hole in the clip and used the frontdatum plane as the transition onboth peices.Thishas worked fine for me previously but now I'm getting the message"Connection definition not complete".

It is not just on this assembly either. I am getting the same error on completely different assemblies.

Any clues?

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New member
I think is datum plane or axis you try to link

WHEN you put the first part you link to assembly datum with connection.

The second the third.... etc must be linked

becarefull because if you link with datum plame in the different parts can have an error...........or from mathematical point of wiew the conection is not perfectly defined

ex.distance between two axis is not nominal the same

Anyway is the situation i found in the past