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COnfiguring Microsoft Optical mouse


New member
You should have the software CD with the new mouse that you got. I did get one with mine. It has all the software to configure the mouse the way you like it to be with absolutely no hassles.



New member
I have an intellimouse optical and am using it with intellopoint 5.0 software. I have the wheel button configured to autoscroll and it works great in wildfire.


New member
After installing the software check the hardware profiles for any IRQ conflicts etc.... maybe the software is not able to synchronise with your computer hardware.



New member
I think the problem lies on the selection of the middle mouse button, as tdegroot said, you have to select Autoscroll.

I don't know why they've downgraded the software, now I can't select the CTRL key for the extreme left button, nor can I personalize each program to behave different.


New member
I tried to determine what version I have been running but can't find any About info. My list shows a CTRL choice on the left button. The scrool (which I think you are say when you say 'tilt'(unless this is WAY newer than mine) should zoom by just rolling and the pan and rotate with the key combos for Wildfire.

If yours has the two side buttons ,pls read my topic on tips for those.


New member
I just installed an optical Microsoft wireless mouse, with the
autoscroll middle button. I'm having a problem with it in ProE 2001.

There seems to be a delay/50-50 shot that Pro will reconize the middle
button, for rotating (Crtl+Middle Button), entering..........etc. There
seems to be some kind of delay. Is there a way I can fix this? Or is
this just a bug in 2001?

With the regular 'wire' optical mouse it works fine.



New member

I DON'T use version 5 of the Intellimouse driver BECAUSE they took away
the ability to customize buttons for the application and 5.2 doesn't
officially list my Intellimouse Explorer 3

I use version 4.1 because they do everything I need however you will need to check whether they support your mouse.


I refuse to use a wireless mouse because of the delay that I
have seen with them. It almost appears they are continually going to
sleep to save battery power. Old fashioned mice with tails seem to work much better
than the new improved Manx variety



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New member
Have been working with WF from 2.0 to 4.0.
I've been using Microsofts Wireless Mouse 5000 for about 2 yrs now.
Just switched to Windows 64 bit sysItem, scroll wheel dose'nt zoom with WF


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