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config.win from one machine to another


New member
Have a config.win on my machine. Using this as master version

When I copy and paste config win from my machine (windows 2000) to another machine (windows XP), they do not look the same. Most of the customized icons created in the master do not copy over. Is that suppose to be?


Check both computers for any other config.win files (eg: in the Pro/E text folder, loadpoint, working folder, etc...).

On the source machine, 2 or more config.win files may be working together to produce your icons & layout.

On the target machine, another config.win file may be conflicting with the master file.

Multiple config.win files are unpredictable with Pro/E. You can combine them by first opening Pro/E with no config.win, then adding in each .win file through the Customise Screen > Open menu...


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