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New member
Config.sup file is a supervisor file that you can place company standards in and put a read only lock on. You could place it in the loadpoint text directory of ProE at the administrators level

You could now create a config.pro file for all personal setting and load that in a startup directory designated by the user by rmc on the startup icon of proE and typing in a path to the config.pro in the Start In line.

When ProE starts it reads the loadpoint/text directory first them the other startup directory. If you have a line in the config.sup and config.pro that are the same but a different setting, the line in the config.pro will override the config.sup because the config.pro was read last.


Config.pro WILL NOT override config.sup. That is the whole point of config.sup, put settings in there that you don't want anybody to be able to override. Typically, you will have relatively few settings in config.sup. One word of caution: Do not put mapkeys in config.sup. Doing so will limit you to one mapkey!


New member
The above tells you what the config.sup file does (basically a config.pro file).The config.pro WILL NOT override the config.sup file. The last config.pro file read will override the first config.pro file read.

To create the config.sup file, start by copying a config.pro file and place it in the \text directory. For example, mine is C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 2.0\text. Then rename the file from config.pro to config.sup. Using microsoft notepad, open your new config.sup file and remove, add or change what you want all of your users to use. Make sure you use the exact directory path and the last I knew, it was case-sensative so use lower.below is one I use. I haven't really modified it for a few years but will give you an example. Also, after you make changes to the config.sup file and save, you must close and restart Pro/E for the changes to take effect.

bell no

color on
compress_output_files no
create_drawing_dims_only yes

display_full_object_path yes
drawing_file_editor editor
drawing_setup_file r:\cbu_cad\common\config\bwksetup.dtl
dwg_export_format 2000
dxf_export_format 2000
dxf_out_drawing_scale yes
dxf_out_sep_dim_w_breaks yes

enable_popup_help yes

family_table_editor protab
fix_boundaries_on_import yes
format_setup_file bwksetup.dtl
freeze_failed_assy_comp yes

graphics opengl

hardware_options shading_and_wireframe
highlight_new_dims yes

iconify_entire_pro YES

menu_horizontal_hint right
mesh_spline_surf no

override_store_back no

parenthesize_ref_dim no
plot_file_dir c:\pdfs\in
preferred_save_as_type jpeg
preferred_save_as_type step
provide_pick_message_always yes
pro_colormap_path r:\cbu_cad\common\config
pro_dtl_setup_dir r:\cbu_cad\common\config
pro_editor_command notepad
pro_format_dir r:\cbu_cad\common\borders
pro_library_dir r:\cbu_cad\masterfiles
pro_plot_config_dir r:\cbu_cad\common\plotting
pro_symbol_dir r:\cbu_cad\common\symbols
pro_unit_length unit_inch
pro_unit_mass unit_pound

relation_file_editor protab

save_drawing_picture_file embed
save_model_display shading_lod
save_object_in_current no
save_triangles_flag no
search_path_file r:\cbu_cad\common\config\search.pro
sketcher_lock_modified_dims yes
sketcher_set_grid_x_spacing .25
sketcher_set_grid_y_spacing .25

thermo_position_hint no_window_overlap
tol_mode nominal

use_dimensioned_edges yes

visible_message_lines 3

windows_scale 1.0


New member
Don't use mapkeys in a config.sup. The config.sup locks out any config entries used from being changed via config.pro. If the entry "mapkey" is used, config.sup will not let it be used via config.pro. All mapkeys will be broken.


New member
A handy way to use the config.sup is to use a .bat in the target of your launch icon. Set this up for all your users on the local machine. Keep the config.sup on a network drive and point that b.bat file to go grab the config.sup and replace it on the local machines when pro is launched. This way you only have to keep one config.sup file update instead of going around from machine to machine making any changes. This way they can't make the changes to the sup and you only have to maintain one file. and it it's replaced with a pro start-up.



New member
That's pretty interesting, presumably though it only works if you start pro from the start menu (windows users)?

Is it possible to setup something similar if you launch pro from a random part or assembly directory?

Alternatively is it possible to get pro to load in search.pro's in a
directory when changing the working directory, as this is why i load
directly from files and not from the start menu?