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New member
anybody ever heard this in proe ?If yes I would like to know what does it mean & how it works?

Thanks in advance,



New member

this config file is the file where you put config option that you don t want your users override with their config.pro or any config.pro

that one of the first read config file.

you can edit it with vi or a text editor...


Config.sup is a protected system configuration file. Your company system administrator uses this file to set configuration options that are used as company standards. Any values that are set in this file cannot be overridden by other config.pro or config.win files.

At startup, Pro/E first reads in a protected system configuration file called config.sup. It then searches for and reads in configuration files (config.pro and config.win) from the following directories in the following order:

1. loadpoint/text (config.sup and config.pro)

2. Login directory - This is the home directory for your login ID. Placing your configuration files here lets you start Pro/E from any directory without having a copy of the files in each directory.

3. Startup directory - This is your current or working directory when you start Pro/ENGINEER.

Config.sup can have only 1 occurance of a particular setting whereas a config.pro can have multiples and keeps only the last value.

Don't put a mapkey in config.sup. if you need company mapkeys put them in a config.pro in the same dir as config.sup.