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New member
Every time I start Wildfire and check the configuration in the Options screen, it always shows Current Session with all the configuration settings set to default. I can change particular settings and resave the file and verify using wordpad that the settings have changed. But when I reload Wildfire, all the configuration settings are set back to default. In the Options screen, I can open the same Current file that supposedly was used on startup and then the configuration settings will update to the changed values, but I don't think I should have to do this.

Where is the program getting these default configuration settings from? Even when I change the Start In directory to a different folder and place a modified file in that folder, the Options screen still shows 'Current Session' with all the configuration settings set to default. I should be able to start Wildfire and have it automatically load a modified file. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


New member
If you correct your (its must be as you want and place it in the start directory, you don't must have any problem.

In other way there many opions for config screen:

system_background_color 0 0 0

system_colors_file X:\Folder you want\syscol.scl


New member
Look up in the help files it will explain the 3 places that Pro/E looks for a config file, what order they are loaded, what will happen when options conflict, etc...Good stuff to know.