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New member
What do I change in my file in order that my font in the dimensions is always arial black size 3 ?

Thank You

Hello user

Try these :

To change the text height in dimensions go to :

Advanced, Draw Setup, and change the drawing_text_size parameter to the value you want. This change affects the dimensions height (if you have dimensions you can see that changes activated immediately).

To change the font style you must change the default_font parameter (again Advanced, Draw Setup) and write arial to the default font value.

If you don
If your company has a default, you may not be able to alter that file. What I did was set up my own file which gets read in when I start Pro/E. This is what you will want to do in order to maintain your personal settings. I have different settings than what our standard file contains; keep in mind that any settings that you make in your own file will in effect take precedence over the standard settings.

Hope this helps.


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