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config.pro woes...


New member
Having usedSolidWorks for the past 7 years, I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to setting up menu bars, system background colors, default window size on opening, etc.

At mycurrent job, we use Pro-E 2001. One of the annoying things that I've been living with is how I seem to lose all my custom settings after closing the session. I've been trying to play with the config.pro file and its location, but somesettingsstill revert to a default no matter what I do - especially ones having to do with the level of graphics detail.

I'm sure there must be a simple fix, but I ain't found it yet.


Make sure you are saving your config.pro and config.win files where Pro/E will read them on startup. For users that is generally C:\ on a Windoz machine. I'm not sure if the graphics level of detail can be saved in 2001. You may be better off making a mpakey for that.


New member
Search this site for "config.pro" there have been many postings about where to place your config files;

Place your config files in one of the following locations for it to load automatically:
1. proe\text directory

2. Windows user homedirectory (normally this is \documents and settings\username\documents)

3. ProE Startup directory


New member
The config.win file controls ProE menus, buttons, etc.

The syscol.scl file controls your system colors.

The config.pro file controls the way ProE acts.

The only config fileI put in the text directory of the load point is a config.sup file which is the first config file to load and should be used for company standards only. These config options cannot be changed by subsequent config files.

I create a desktop icon for ProE and then in the properties box I set the 'start in' directory. This is where I keep my config.pro, config.win files etc.

When you save your config.pro, config.win, and syscol.scl files you should do so in this start in directory and that way they will be loaded when ProE starts if you start with the desktop icon.