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You will have to excuse me but I don't work a lot with this kind of pro-e stuff very often but due to lighter than average work force I have run into a problem.

I have created a config file that turns on the tolerance (,prior users did not know how to turn everything on in the config file)and now all of the parts come up with a limit tolerance from the parts made prior to my change to the config.

How do I set these parts back to the nominal value via config. and still allow for the dimensions to be altered to +/- values.
While in part mode you can go into environment and uncheck tolerances. Then if you pick modify and select a feature the dimensions will show as nominal no matter what the tolerance mode of the dimension is. In drawing mode the tolerances will still show with what ever mode the dimension was created with. There is no easy global way to convert all dimensions in a part from limits to +/-.

The best way might be to create a drawing with say 3 views and show all dimensions. Then pick modify/dimension/pick many and pick all the dimensions in all views. You should be able to modify the tolerance mode of all the dimensions to +/- or what ever you want.
thanks dr

I was somewhat afraid this might be the problem .I will try the drawing roundabout method you mentioned.

tol_mode nominal

linear_tol 0 1

linear_tol 1 .5

linear_tol 2 .25

linear_tol 3 .025

angular_tol 0 1

The 0, 1, 2, 3 is for decimal places. The tolerance assumes your standard tolerances.