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Config pro problems


New member
Can anyone please point me in the right direction with a couple of problems I have found with the config. pro file.

a) pro_note_dir: the path is set to the required directory but proe does not show the note titles in the right hand dropdown menu.

b) pro_texture_library and texture_search_path: the path is set to the required directories but proe looks for them in another directory (note option texture is set to yes).


From PTC:

The option pro_note_dir can currently be used for note retrieval only, not while saving a note to disk. The Description information in the editor and within Pro/HELP indicates that the option pro_note_dir: Specifies the directory from which to retrieve notes entered from file. Use the full path name to avoid problems.

When this option is set to a specific directory (for example c:\ptc\notes), then when performing #Insert #Note #File #Make Note, the Look In area of the Open dialog box that appears will have an option titled Note Text Directory, this directory will be that specified by pro_note_dir.

To store notes in a specific directory:

-After saving the note file which is always saved to the current working directory, manually move it from the current working directory to the note directory specified by the option pro_note_dir. Notes saved in the pro_note_dir must have a .txt extension.
This works fine for wildfire 2 but not for intra-link 3.3 or wildfire for some reason? I have upgrade to wildfire 2 and it works but when I try to direct it to a intra link commonsplace folder it does not work? Any suggestions???
I have heard that there is some problems with Intralink 3.3 and WF2. It should be something about family table. It is fix in 3.4


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