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Config.pro options


New member
Can someone tell me if there is a config.pro option to do the following.

1) Turn off the blended background color

2) Shade with edges in Model Display


1) This is in you 'syscol.scl' file add line 'BLENDED_BACKGROUND no'

2) This is in config.pro add line 'display HIDDENVIS'

(Other options: wireframe, hiddeninvis, shade)
Following is copy from PTC web site. http://www.ptproducts.com/cs/cs_21/faq/fun_faq.htm#2a

*Where does Pro/ENGINEER look for config.pro files?

Pro/ENGINEER looks for config.pro files in 3 different directories in the following order:


Config.pro files residing in loadpoint/text will be read first.

2)The user's home directory

With UNIX systems, Pro/ENGINEER will read config.pro in the user's home directory. This is most commonly used for specifying user customized config.pro options such as colors and mapkeys.

3)Working directory

The directory in which Pro/ENGINEER is executed from is searched for a config.pro file.

If the same option appears in more than one config.pro file, the one that was read last will be utilized by the system.


New member
You first need to save a syscol.scl file by going to view -> display settings -> system colors and then file -> save in that dialog. Turn off the blended background in that dialog first adn you won't need to add it later.

Then, in your config.pro you'll need this option:

system_colors_file <full_path_to_syscol.scl>


New member
i would advice to keep a copy of config.pro, config.win, tree.cfg and syscol.scl file so that you don't have to create it all the time. For the most often used ones (configuration options) you can create another config.pro and save it into this directory "<Drive>:\<ptc installation directory>\text" as mentioned by charleskim. This will allow you to get the most used option to be set even when you start pro e from a different working directory!
For the 2nd question,what aboutthe config setting show_shaded_edges = yes

I can't get it to work, but I'm overruled by a config.sup file


New member
What are the config.pro options for default drawing settings "No_hidden" and "Tan_dimmed" so that my drawing views default to this coniguration?


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