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Config.pro loading on startup


New member

I'd like to know if there is a way to load a config.pro on startupwhen it is not in the current directory nor in proepath/text or standard loading points.

Thanks in advance.




New member
During Startup:

Try creatinga trail file that loads the desired config.pro file. Run Pro/ENGINEER from the command line, passing it the trail file to execute. If you have set the system environment variable "CONTINUE_FROM_OOS" = 1, Pro/ENGINEER will not exit when it comes to the end of the trail file.

J-Link can execute mapkeys. Thus, you could create a mapkey and use a J-Link application to start execute the mapkey on startup. The drawback is the use of mapkeys. That isn't much better than trail files. I'mdon't know if J-Link has a "read config.pro file" function.

Before Startup:

You could change the startup working directory before starting Pro/ENGINEER. Or you could use a separate batch file to copy the desired config.pro into the startup working directory beforestarting Pro/ENGINEER.

Good Luck
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