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config.pro and color grief


New member
How do you save config.pro so that the datum planes default to not black and the model color palette defaults to a choice of colors?

Here is what I am doing.

- Load proe2001 with the default current_session.pro.

- Datum planes are color and the model color palette has a choice of colors (life is good).

- In Display Settings - System Colors, save the syscol.scl to the Start in directory.

- In Utilities - Options, uncheck 'show only options loaded from file'.

- In the configuration file, type in 'system_colors_file' and set to start in directory\syscol.scl.

- Save configuration file as config.pro in Start-in directory.

- Exit and restart Proe2001.

- Verify config.pro file has loaded in Utilities Options.

- Load a part.

After doing this my datum planes are black and I can not retrieve any colors for the model color palette. What am I doing wrong?

In the configuration file I have also tried typing in 'pro_colormap_path' and setting it to the color.map file which I had previously saved to the Start in directory. After saving config.pro and restarting pro-e I still get black datum planes and no color palettes. I can't even open new color palettes. Oh bother...


New member
One work around has been to not save a config.pro file but instead save it as config1.pro. When loading proe2001, it will load the default current_session configuration file and all the color issues are good. Now the config1.pro file can be loaded in Utilities Options and the colors issues remain good and all the modified configuration parameters are set the way I want.

If I save config1.pro as config.pro and have it load automatically while starting proe, the color problems come [email protected]*?!


Active member
Here is the complete solution to your problem.

Save the config.pro file to the text directory in the folder where pro/engineer is installed, for example

C:\Program Files\proe2001\text

Save color.map file and syscol.sys into your working directory but if your working directories are more

than one then copy these two files to all your working doirectories.

Delete current_session.pro

Also save your config.win files to the text directory.

Ask me if you still have problems.