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config options for drawing sketcher preferences


New member
are there any config file options to set the drawing mode sketcher preferences. everytime i use the sketcher functionality in drawing mode i have to go to utilities/sketcher preferences and click on the snapping options i like. i want to control these options from my config file.
yes, i am looking for config commands to control the snapping functionality of the drawing sketcher mode.
sketcher_disp_grid yes

grid_snap yes

yes—Makes pick points snap to a grid.

no—Turns the grid snap off so that any location can be picked.
Question related to this topic: How to enable sketching chain, remember parametric sketching references, enable horizontal/vertical and angle snapping in drawing mode permanently? I don`t see option for this neither in or in .dtl file. I dont want to set this options everytime I work in drawing mode. Also I searched hidden options and I didn`t see a solution. Please write if you have solution for this problem.

One reason todraw lines is to seperatedetailed components when having multiple components on a single sheet. I am sure there are other uses as well. I am also tired of having to activate the horizontal/vertical button every time I go into a drawing. If some has an answer please share.

these options
sketcher_lineup_hor_skamps yes
sketcher_lineup_ver_skamps yes areonly for the sketcher.
Edited by: bunterhund
These options are set by default and don`t have influence on enabling-disabling hor and ver snapping and other things I mentioned before.

Sometimes I need other type of line other than those in model and drafting works the job. Krow gave good example, sometimes there is need to change line type for parting lines in mold design.

I think I could use mapkey for enabling hor/ver snapping and enabling sketching chain, but I also think there MUST be a better solution.

I ask again if anyone has a solution please reply.
I must agree with bunterdog. There is no need to sketch in drawing mode.

Why at all make multimodel drawings. Just make 2 drawings one drawing for each part. This make all work much better and simple. This way you can also use a automatic generated BOM in asm. drawings without the user need to make any changes to it. Simple just show it.

ProE have many fancy features and options. One important think to have in mind working with ProE is "Keep it simple"

As CAD manager I have seen many strange ways to working with ProE. I have notice that a few headlinesare important
<LI>Keep it simple</LI>
<LI>Work in the model and only show on drawing</LI>
<LI>Use parametri to show your intent with the item</LI>
<LI>Keep in mind that if all keep it simple they you work will also be more easy when you are taking over a project from others.</LI>[/list]

<LI>Make a company CAD standard so that all know how to work</LI>[/list]
Wow, reading this discussion I thought for a minute I was reading
the Inventor forum where "you don't need to do that" tunnel vision
(AEs and resellers mostly, of course) is the norm. It's fitting,
I guess, because drafting capability in Pro/Detail is strictly
'low end'.

A thought: If PTC wants to better capitalize on the, still large,
flatlander (Acad users still 'thinking' about 3D, in no small part
because low end 3D won't pull their load) market beefing up the
drafting package would go a long way, for relatively little
investment, toward that goal. Though I seldom do any drafting, nor a
lot of detailing for that matter, I've thought in the past how great
it would be to see full fledged Sketcher-like capability in
Pro/Detail. How hard could that be, really?

Personally, I'd rather see much better support for 3D annotations,
notes, symbols, etc. in part / assy mode ('model space' if you will)
which would go hand in hand with Y14.41 / ISO 16792 and I could
simply show in drawing views but I can certainly accept that others
have need for better 'paper space' capabilities.

Did the Stheno-Pro / Pegasus thing from some years back ever get off
the ground?

> Why at all make multimodel drawings.

I've occasionally done indirect contract work for general aviation
repair and mod center primes. If I'd tried to give them anything
other than Assy and Details (the assy and all parts created for that
assy) drawings they'd have said; "See ya 'round, fella.". (The
deliverables included, you guessed it; *.dwg.) It's a big world and
one 'simple' set of rules doesn't work for all of it. At any rate,
not everyone gets to make the rules. ;^)
Ok, what about solution? Is there any? I need assembly drawings and that`s it. I can`t believe PTC didn`t make a simple option line in to permanently enable/disable hor ver snapping!?
If they exist they've escaped me. You might try posting under a descriptive topic heading in the Drawing group.


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