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Config files update utility


New member
Hello all,

I need a script to automatically update the config file(s) -from network to C drive- every time the user starts Pro/E. Any suggestions?


I modify our Pro/Intralink batch file with something like copy x:\ptc\proe2001\ c:\proe-loadpoint\text as well as my menu and files so that each time they fire up the Intralink app. manager they get the latest copy of these files. Hope this helps.
I use a batch file that sits in everyones start up directory, so it runs everytime they log on. It trys to load into very possible place ProE may be installed, if the place doesn't exisit it just skips it:

echo off

echo ** Starting Copy Utility v1.5.2 - updated 10-May-02 **


echo c drives

COPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO c:\progra~1\proe2000i\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO c:\progra~1\proe2000i2\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO c:\progra~1\proe2001\textecho d drives

COPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO d:\progra~1\proe2000i\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO d:\progra~1\proe2000i2\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO d:\progra~1\proe2001\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO d:\proe2000i\textecho e drives

COPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO e:\progra~1\proe2000i\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO e:\progra~1\proe2000i2\textCOPY \\SANDY\server\PM_SETUP_FILES\CONFIG_PRONT\CONFIG.PRO e:\progra~1\proe2001\textecho



echo ** Finished **
We use these commands (with PTC_HOME & PROELOC defined appropriately):

xcopy %PTC_HOME%\config\* %PROELOC%\text\ /d

xcopy %PTC_HOME%\config\ %PROELOC%\text\ /d

The /d means it will only copy if the network version is newer.