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New member

In densely packed drawings I prefer to use a slash rather than an arrow for dimension lines. How can I set this as the default arrowhead type? Also can I set a default text size for the dimension values?




These are set by your drawing.dtl file. Create a new one for yourself and use the config.pro option pro_dtl_setup_dir to point to your dtl file. Easiest way to do this is to open a new drawing. go to Drawing options which will open up the dtl file, edit it, then save it somewhere for future use.The option drawing_text_height sets the size of text for your dims. Must admit, I've never used the dim slash but heres a list of dtl options. One or a combination of a few must cnvert the arrows to slashes.

Try draw_arrow_style, draw_arrow_length, draw_arrow_width. draw_attach_sym_height and draw_attach_sym_width mention slashes.

http://www.cadquest.com/books/pdf/w2_draw_options.pdf(full list of dtl options)



New member
Hi Saspinall

Thank you for your info. Quite useful. I was able to create an open arrow as default dim head; and control the size of the text characters. Also your pdflist of options is a must. Is there an equivalent for modeling options?

However there seems to be no way of setting the slash as the default arrowhead. What's more, it doesn't seem possible to group select and change to slash in one operation. You have to do it twice for every dimension. Even keypress editor doesn't let you set the slash automatically. Looks like somebody doesn't favor the slash as an alternative for tight spots. Maybe I should go to gripes with this.