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config and text sizes

ivan sosa

New member
Hi to every one. This is the first time I post on the Drawing Forum. I must say it is a very informative site, I had other issues but were clarified to me by looking for answers within the forum.

I have some issues about the config.pro file. Every time I make a drawing of a part I have to change the size of text of dimensions, arrows of dimensions, and the distance the whitness lines extend beyond the dimension line. I also have to tell pro-e to put 3 decimal places onmy dimensions for every drawing. All this of coursewith the "pick many" option for each case.To tell you the truth I don't know which config file is pro-ereading from. I include an image of the search on explorer for config.pro files. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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New member
Try this menu option : Help->Technical support info

It pops upd information window scroll down to see what config files are read by Pro/E.

Below is the sample how it looks.



Once you have a drawing with the font size, arrow style, etc. set the way you want it, save the drawing detail configuration file. Then set the config.pro option drawing_setup_file to point to that file. Ideally, you will make several of these files for different size drawings and inch & metric drawings. You also should setup pro_symbol_dir, pro_format_dir, Pro_group_dir, Pro_dtl_setup_dir, start_model_dir and on and on!

For tolerances, set these config.pro options:


New member
I don't know what default .dtl file Wildfire uses, but you can find .dtl files under installdir\text. .dtl files control how your drawing looks. You can load iso, din or jis whichever suits your application and do what Dr. suggests above by editing the config.pro or even better config.sup to specify which dtl file to use by using pro_dtl_setup_dir and drawing_setup_file. While in a drawing, you can load and edit a dtl file (2001 "Advanced > Draw Setup"), make changes andstore it to the directory specified by pro_dtl_setup_dir and the file called out by drawing_setup_file.

Even better is to make drawing templates, complete with format which contain the default drawing settings you wish to use.