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Compound Datum Plane

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I'm looking to reduce the number of commands to acheive creating a compound datum plane. I'm using the Cartesian Coordinate system with default datum planes set and X, Y and Z and datum axes for each datum plane .

The Example:

I would like to create a Datum Plane Offset from the X Axis, lets say 10mm. In addition I would like to have this datum plane rotated about the Y axis 3 degrees and rotated about the Z axis by 3 degrees.

Can this be done in 1 step?

Currently the way I have been creating this datum plane was to create multiple datum axes and then datum planes to reference from and then finally create the datum plane. As you can see there were many steps involved. I'm hoping that I'm missing something easy here and that one of you guru's can straighten me out.

Thanks for Reading and Replying
Not open for further replies.