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Composite Curves from IGES Wireframes


New member
Is there a way to create Composite Curves from IGES wireframe data in Wildfire? This was no problem in 2001, however I can't find any commands to perform this in Wildfire. Even when I try to access Legacy features the composite curve command is not present. Is there some hidden config setting I should be using?

I have tried the select | edit | copy commands, BUT unfortunetly the curves I develop in Wildfire allow only single segments of composite curves as compared to multiple segments combined into a single feature developed when using 2001. I have tried using the shift, Ctrl and Alt keys. Nothing allows me to develop a single composite curve combining both curves into a single feature. Shown in the 1st two images are screen dumps made in Wildfire. The last screen dump was made in 2001. Notice that the composite curve developed in 2001 includes both sections that were shown from the wildfire screen dumps. Has this capability been removed from ProE in Wildfire?

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I'm not sure if this is your problem, but selection in Wildfire can be difficult if you don't understand it completely. If you just pick the curve segments one at a time holding down the control key, you won't be able to copy them. Copy only works for a single feature entity or multiple geometry entities, not multiple feature entities.

The first time you pick the curve, Wildfire selects the curve as a feature entity. If you hold the shift key, wiggle the mouse and pick the same curve entity again, Wildfire selects the geometry entity and will change the selection mode to one-by-one. Now as you pick curve entities (holding down the control key of course), they will be added to your selection and can be copied.

The only other selection method I know is to select one curve segment, select edit > copy, and then select the other curve segments while in the copy feature.

If you can't copy them using this technique you probably have a gap between the ends of the separate curve segments.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the selection info. I tried your instructions and they were partially accurate ( for me ). After picking a curve for the first time and then setting the mode to one-by-one I was able to add additonal segments by pressing the shift key rather then holding down the CTRL key and selecting. When I tried to use the Ctrl key nothing happened. But when I used the shift key it would work as long as I released the shift key after I selected the next segment. Continuosly holding down the shift would not work.

Thanks again for the pointer.
I use imported curves every day and this was very frustrating for me at first. The way to select curves to create approximate curves us as follows:

Select the first curve in the chain, now select copy. Press the shift key and reselect the first curve. Continue selecting the curves in the chain to create your composite curve.