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Composite curve in Wildfire


New member
I'm trying to create a composite curve in Wildfire from these 2 curves. They are tangent between them at point number 2 but for some reason I can't select the two curves and use the copy command.

thanks for your help

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Select one of the curves, then initiate the copy function. You can then chain additional curve segments using SHIFT + pick.

TPI 124942 was just added to PTC's knowledge base and is relevant.
.... or is it CTRL + pick. I can't ever keep it straight which functions require which combination for chaining. One or the other should work.
You should be able to pick 1 curve, hold the shift key down, prehilight the second curve and hit the rmb till you see chain., select the chain then hit copy.

You can select copy before or after you pick the curve.


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