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Component packaging in assembly

Nose Bleed

New member
Packaging allows you to place a feature without fully constraining it, so that you can move it around as you please - as opposed to a fully constrained part which must have placement constraints removed prior to being able to adjust components

Does that help?

Nose Bleed

New member
This is from the help file:

When you are adding a component to an assembly, you may not know where that member fits best, or you might not want to locate it relative to other geometry. You can leave such a component either partially constrained, or unconstrained. This component would be a packaged component. Although it is a part of the assembly, it is not assembled parametrically. Use packaging as a temporary means to locate the component; finalize the location of the component with assembly constraints. One way to package a component is to use the PACKAGE menu. Another way to package a component is to assemble the component, then close the Component Placement dialog box before the component is fully constrained.


New member
Probably the biggest uses of packaging are:

1. You don't have time to define the assembly constraints now.

2. You don't have the necessary component or assembly references yet to define assembly constraints.

3. You're doing viewgraph engineering and just need to make some pretty pictures for now.

4. You plan on adding mechanism connections later on, so you're leaving certain DOF unconstrained to correspond to various connections (e.g., pin, slider, cylinder, etc.).

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries