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complex section without dims


New member
Is there a way to use a complex section from another package without ProE throwing dimensions all over it and then crashing because it can't deal with the complexity it has forced on itself. In CDRS you could just pull in an Adobe Illustrator 'section' convert it to native curves and use to build whatever surfaces you wanted.

Obviously ProE isn't CDRS, but does anyone know a way to switch off the dimensions and just accept the section the way it is on a DWG, AI, DXF etc.




New member
Interesting. Can you post a pic of a section that's crashing Pro/E? I've pulled in a few that have several hundred dims and constraints without problem (acad polyline junk, specifically).

But back on track:Don't import into sketcher, bring into model mode via IGES, etc. and then project the entities. Might be able to find a relatively painless way to get what you need.

Knowing what you are working with might prompt some additional alternatives; i.e. ways to simplify before import.


New member
Hi Jeff,

Apologies for not responding on this - as ever was up against silly deadline,
and by the time I had found it worked it was two in the morning. What you
suggested worked just fine, and I've told Root Solutions ProE support, as
they didn't seem to know how to achieve it, so perhaps their next customer
that asks will get better support than me!

Thanks again -