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Compiling error when running motion in Pro/M


New member
I am having a problem getting motion equations to compile in Pro/Mechanica. I have set the environment variable MM_C_HOME to the path of the compiler (Microsoft C++ version 6.0) and I get an error message that the equations could not be compiled and that it may be a system or installation problem. My operating system is Win 2000 Professional. Are there any other environment variables that need to be set? The model is set up with the proper joints, driver and ground part. I am using the Student version of Pro/Mechanica 2001 integrated with Pro/E 2001. The student version does not allow for Pro/Mech to be run as a stand alone program. I am wondering if this could be the problem? Thanks for any help you may give me on this.

Greg Ruhe
I am currently facing the same problem too....Is the compiler program(c++) is must have when running promech motion??
I am currently facing the same problem too....Is the compiler program(c++) a must have when running promech motion??
I received this message from YouLiang, which I am now passing on to you. The note sounds as if it was distributed through some school or work place. I don't know if Visual Studio is really necessary; see the next reply. This is beyond my expertise.

<blockquote>Note: For users who plan to work at home, Please Note the following system changes:

Pro/Mechanica requires Microsoft visual studio 6.0 in order to run a dynamic simulation.

Environmental and path variable need to be defined in windows to make sure the software links properly. Microsoft visual studio 6.0 is available for loan from the library. In the following description, Visual Studio was installed in the directory C:\. Substitute where necessary for alternate installations

1. Right click on the My Computer icon on the computer's desktop and select properties.

2. Choose the Advanced tab

3. Choose the Environmental Variable button

4. In the User variables for Administrator box, highlight Path and select the Edit button. In the variable value box append ;C:\Program Files \ Microsoft visual Studio\VC98\Bin to the existing values. If the simulation doesn't run after adding this, you MAY also need to append ;C\Common\MSDEV98\Bin.

5. Select new system variable. For Variable name enter MM_C_HOME. For variable value enter C:\ Program Files \ Microsoft visual Studio\VC98\

6. Select okay and close all windows</blockquote>
Also found this (which says nothing about Visual Studio):

<blockquote>Pro/MECHANICA Motion does require a C++ compiler.

Several rules apply:

1. install the compiler in a directory that does not contain spaces in the folder's name [avoid Program Files]

2. Set the env variable MM_C_HOME pointing to the C++ compiler just installed.</blockquote>
Thanks. I had already defined the environment and path variables, but I had enter one incorrectly. Turns out that it is not necessary to make sure the folder names have no spaces.


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