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Compatibility of FlexLM versions and ProE 2001


New member

I was wondering if FlexLM (version) has any influence on Pro/E workstation performance.

We used to have 2001 datecode 2001240 and older version of FlexLM. Our Pro/E supplier advised us to upgrade Pro/E to datecode 2002350 and FlexLM to version 1.8 (I think).

Now, month later we noticed degradation of performance of almost all Pro/E workstations.

Typically, performance degradation occurs when working with large assemblies and drawings of those. For example, when I switch from DWG to model and back and do regeneration, DWG actions become very slow.

I don't think there's any memory issue, because before the upgrade, everything was quite well.

Is there any comparison list of working FlexLM versions and Pro/E datecodes? Are all newer versions of FlexLM fully compatible with all newer datecodes of Pro/E 2001?


Hi Skraba,

I don't think there would be any way that FlexLM would make Pro/E run slow. As far as I have experienced it either works or it don't.

There might be a compatability matrix on the PTC web site, I am using v7.2 and having no problems.

Although I am having a problem with a lap top which is upsetting the user a lot buy 'running slow'.