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Compare part


New member
The analysis menu in 2001 shows the function #Compare Part, By Feature or By Geometry. I use that function sometimes, because in our company I and a colleague work at the same time on the same part, in different directories. We have made a little flag to place on our monitor indicating who is leading. After a while I copy my features in his part, or his in mine, using #Copy, From Different Model. Needs some attention, but works in most cases.

To see what features should be copied, I use the function #Compare Part. But my problem is that this function shows a dialog box (which always disappears behind several windows) and does not generate a text file, like BOM or Model Info does.

Not practical, because I like to print such files. Now I have to make a screendump and print those, and then the differences are too numberous generating a scroll window. No text-selecting or copying possible in there. Duh!

Is there some hidden option or command that generates a text file of this comparision list?