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colors and family tables


New member
I have the same physical part but different color controlled in a family table. BUT I can't make those two part stay different colors.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

The question was a little confusing.

I usually put {1:&model_name}{2:W} in the drawing table. No reason to have a family table of the same part, but different colors? Normally, if FPA affects one part, it affects them all.

If you are talking making the parts different colors in Pro/E, the Generic and Family Table parts can only be one color.
Sorry about the confusion, but with the parts that I work on a change in color means a changed part number. Thanks for you input
One option is to add surfaces to cover the part, kind of like a paint coating. Then set this surface to a particular colour & add it to the family table. Duplicate the surface & set different colours...