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collaborate checkin crashes


New member
Anyone using collaborate having check in problems?

When trying to check in some large assemblies through proe to collaborate proe hangs, doesnt ask for identification to ptc collaborate server then xtop has an error and proe bombs. Anyone seen this happen before?

Thought it could be large parts in the assembly though these can be checked in individually no problem, just cannot get the assemblies checkedin.

This is very annoying as people i want to view the data can only see parts and not assemblies!!

I am running a dual p4 2ghz with 1gb ram and wildcat 6110 on win2000 sp3 with intralink 3.2 on proe2001 cut 2002350.

Any comments on peoples views of collaborate much appreciated - we have just started using it, and can see how useul it is, though having some teething problems.


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