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CoG - Center of Gravity


New member
Brothers.. I need to know if there is possibilityes in inventor to make viewing of CoG in drawings easier....

This is what i do to view CoG now..

1. Go to Physichal phane in iProperties and get the Center of Gravity values. Write down the X, Y and Z values.
2.Creat a Work Point, and mate it to YZ, XZ, XY planes in Origin
3. Thenenter the
- X-value of CoG to the mate of YZ-plane
-Y-value of CoG to the mate of XZ-plane
-Z-value of CoG to the mate of XY-plane
4. Now you can include this workpoint in your drawing(s)...

You need torecalculate the XYZ-values of CoGevery time you change your models/assemblies, and reenter they in to the mates..

This is the easyest way i found, but stil i mea there should be a easyer way to go....

Is'nt there any internal parameters in Inventor wich we can point dimensions to?

Sorry abaut my english

Have a nice Day!


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