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co-ordinates of intermediate points from detum curve


New member
A detum curve is made. Can I generate the co-ordinates of intermediate points from any standard reference like co-ordinate system or intersection of 3 planes. Best output will be any .pts file where it will show the co-ordinates.

We can generate the same cuve in other software where inputs are locations of intermediate points.


New member
I believe you can generate the coordinates of datum points directly in Pro/E. You have to make datum points along the datum curve to get this.


New member
Not sure if I understand the question, not sure what you mean by intermediate points.

If you want x, y, z points of the curve then save it out as an iges file.

Then create a detum-curve from-file. You can then redefine this feature and select the edit file option and Pro/E will generate an IBL file with your x, y, z points.


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