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CMM tutorial



Hello - fellow Pro/e users...

Does anyone know of a tutorial available for discussing the basics of inputing CMM data into Pro/E?
I have scanned several models (in last 2 or 3 months)

You can do that by hand (writing x, y, z coordinates), or some kind of automatically - where that data will be stored in one file. Data must be in next format (like on picture below). You can import all data in ProE but number of points in one *.pts file cannot be larger than 100!

You can import it from file - points.pts, or you can input one by one (I suggest first method)

You do that like this




Offset csys

Without dimensions

(Set csys)

Use Cartesian type

Go to read points
If I remember good if you have cnc machine and postprocessor for that type of machine you can control it from ProE -if process work in different way
Create surface in style, and than go to insert

Thin protrusion

Use quilt


PS I think that you have too many points - Ok
I think Speling is have too many points. You should only use as few points as you really need to define the surface.


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