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Cluttered blends


New member
When you create a swept blend, you need an equal number of points in each section, right?

When you have a complex blend with a large number of sections, how do you position the points to get the smoothest blend and is there anyway of drawing each section in a separate window or importing it so as to avoid a mass of geometry and dimension lines?

Also, where can i find information on area graphs?
Equal number of section points in a blend is true, however, you can create a blend vertex in your section(s). This allows you to blend to 2 points in one section next to a single point in the next section. Essentially the blend vertex tells Pro that the single point is acting like 2 individual points.

For a complex sections in a blend, you can sketch the sections separately and save them, and then in you import them into your blend sketch environment. Keep in mind the number of section points as well as the start point location.

The only area graph info that I have seen (aside from Pro/Help), can be found on PTC's knowledge base.

Hope this helps
I know how to create and save sketches but how do you import them in to a blend sketch environment ?
When you're in sketcher, select Sketch from the top pull down menu, and select Data From File.

Sketch > Data From File

Assuming you're using 2001.


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