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circular text


New member
The only way I know is to create Cosmetic Text and have it follow a circle/semi-circle. When typing the text for the Cosmetic, choose Place Along Curve found in the Text box.


New member
Thanks... I'll keep those techniques in mind for part creation.

But.. Let me clarify this a little more. :)

Is it possible to create circular text around a sketched arc or circle in drawing?


New member
Try creating the rotated text in a model as a curve, IGES out the text (Curves only) and then import the text as a symbol or a group of entities. A symbol would make it easier for reuse later.

This is a backdoor way of getting there, but the text will be what you need on the drawing and it can be scaled if you circle dia changes. The text font is not changeable (after the export) using this method


New member
try this: when u'r in schetch text menu, u have an option there : place along curve. If the curve is a sector, it should work.