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Choices for representing an external diamond knurl


New member
For the sake of pretty pictures... (grrr)... can someone suggest a modeling technique to represent a controlled crush topped diamond knurl. I usually like to be able to offer a simplified version too. For an alternate presentation with less word count, I was also thinking of a cosmetic sketch (projected) onto the entire cylinder; but even sketching the perceivable diamond (topped) pattern to BE projected is an awkward task too.

Using relations to get a straight (30 pitch) knurl to NOT overlap badly is direct enough, but cumbersome. In making a diamond knurl, I start with an initial (angular) V-shaped cut - applied to a cylinder and patterned, and then I attempt a second (opposite angular) cut (this is rarely accomplished without suppressing the first cut), and then I'd attempt a finish top cut... it just doesn't work out to give the desired end result.

Any models out there we can use as an UDF, or as a template?
I just uploaded a file 'diamond-knurl.prt'

It will be available when it is approved by web master.

If you want, let me know, I can email you a copy.

On this part knurl is made with datum curves.