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Checking out in Intralink 3.4


New member
Anyone know the difference in checking out "latest" and "AsStored". I have a newer version (mo62...I know it's still old) and now I have to pick AsStored all the time (so far) or I get a bunch of old no good crap. Thanks.

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New member
As stored will check out alle releted objects as it(the
selected object to check out) was check in.
latest will check out all latest versions of all related


New member
I always use "latest" with no problems.

Sometimes we work in tandem with other designers on the same project. In those cases you have to be diligent, and check the status of your workspace to see if any changes have been made to the files in commonspace. If there have been changes then you would have to updateyour applicable workspace files. This also requiresnotification from the other designer when he makes a change to a file you are working on, otherwise your files will be behind in version and you wont be able to check-in yournew changes.
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